Free Whoppers whenever you want

September 20, 2006

On my recent trip to Burger King I made a little departure from my main stay and decided to do a little covert ops.

I found the coupon code book for free whoppers and chicken sandwiches. All you have to do is get a reciept from a burger king that has a survey box on the back. Instead of calling the number and wasting your time just follow these instructions for free no hassle food.

Here are the instructions:

  • Find a reciept with the telephone survey on the back.
  • Where it says to write the code and place the two letter code followed by 5 numbers (hint: Numbers do not have to be in any order or value except that there has to be five of them) for which month you are currently in.
  • Example: WH 12345 the only thing they will check are the two letters.
  • You still have to buy any size fry or drink but you will always get a free sandwich of your choosing.

Month Codes:

Based on which month your are in choose the two letters that coincide with that month.

  1. Jan = BB
  2. Feb = LS
  3. Mar = JH
  4. April = PL
  5. May = BK
  6. June = WH
  7. July = FF
  8. Aug = BF
  9. Sept = CF
  10. Oct = CK
  11. Nov = CB
  12. Dec = VM

Hope this helps when the craving hits.


167 Responses to “Free Whoppers whenever you want”

  1. The Burgerking near me doesn’t even care! I used the same reciept twice.

  2. jim Says:

    yes we all know that that podcast can tell you more about that free food

  3. Cameron Says:

    Fuckin’ A. Fuucckkin A.

  4. joseph Says:

    What do you tell them? ‘give me a free sandwich’ and show them the recepit?

  5. mike Says:

    nice, but you really have to buy the fries and the drinks?

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  7. Adam of Waco Says:

    Share love with the homeless.

  8. your conscience Says:

    stealing is wrong

  9. Rene Says:

    Who farted?

  10. TechTweaker Says:

    Hmm, I dunno why that trackback shows up under archives. I put it on the frontpage.

  11. JPatch Says:

    Note to my conscience: If I find a coupon laying around at the supermarket, is it stealing for me to use it when, obviously, someone else DOESN’T CARE??? 😛

  12. livinglyrics Says:

    I say you give it to a homeless person that is really homeless. There would be a good deed that is nice and all that sugar coated crap.

    • Common Sense Says:

      Yeah and that homeless person can get the free whopper when he buys any size of fries and a drink with the money he… hey wait…

  13. […] FTFA: CLICKY CLICKY On my recent trip to Burger King I made a little departure from my main stay and decided to do a little covert ops. […]

  14. jim Says:

    you guys on my podcast show 53 i tell you guys how 2 get free tvs from wallmart you guys got two try it out free tv hell yes

  15. Daily Clerks Says:

    […] Here’s how…grabbed from hsojeel Here are the instructions: […]

  16. jim Says:

    you guys on my podcast show 53 i tell you guys how 2 get free tvs from wallmart you guys got two try it out free tv hell yes

  17. martr_machine Says:

    man this is why us americans are fat…….and who cares about homless folks they f-d up when they were kids and now they are buming money for thier heroin adiction with the exception of like 6.

    • Common Sense Says:

      Yeah.. duh, EVERYONE knows that homeless people are all the same, (except those 6 of course), and notice none of them are fat – that means nobody gives them free whoppers.

    • The Non-Assumer Says:

      Odor from you is RANK. The homeless people had to deal with drugs galore to a level your old ass could never get past. Face it things are different when our country has been so flipped upside down over our last 20+ years. Idiotic Moron. Jesus Christ. Talk to a 1/2 the population of homeless people you’ll change your thoughts and actions. Homeless is a new term that at this moment needs help no question about that, just remember our government has helped the decline each step of the way it is truly sad.

  18. The cow Says:


  19. ROFLCOPTER Says:

    the hamburglar strikes again!

  20. aidan hadley Says:

    Stealing? Burger King’s cost (including paper goods and packaging) on a Whopper is under 40 cents. Cost on all sizes of fountain drinks is less than a dime. The french fries are the most profitable item on the menu. Cost for them is less than $6 per pound but they sell them for almost $35 per pound. Stealing indeed.

    • aidan hadley is dumb Says:

      so the cost of potatoes + oil + gas (to heat) + salt + warming lamp is less than h2o, co2, syrup, ice and elec to cool ice? way to just spout off numbers like you have any idea what you’re talking about. every pre-teen is an expert on everything all of a sudden because they can look up whatever facts they want to use out of context and act like they knew in a sperate tab.

      • you are worse than aiden Says:

        can you read? the soft drink is 40 CENTS and the fries 6 DOLLARS/lb. He didnt say it was cheaper persay.

      • RICH Says:

        ATEALING IS GREAT AND IF U CAN GAME THE System, go for all for scams (though this isn’t one)

  21. Rich Says:

    If you’re eating this shit then you’re fucked already.

  22. Perry Says:

    Brilliant!! I can’t wait to get fat!

  23. thechurch Says:

    I found a way to get into my neighbors back window and get free money from thier wallet. It is dishonest, no matter how you play the game.

    • Common Sense Says:

      Yeah, since all of our neighbors have a promotion where you get free money from their wallet if you buy any size of drink and fries…. (aka: stop overgeneralizing.. this is clearly not stealing.)

  24. Crafty Says:

    No, it’s not stealing…

    College students all around the world will thank you…I’ll voice it for them…

    It IS ridiculous the markup that business’ put on food. I worked at a place the made food, yeah, the pizza cost them about $1.85 to make, (including packaging, oven fuel cost and employee cost) and they turned around and sold it for $12. YEAH, that’s stealing…almost as bad as gas prices right now…haha

  25. john doe Says:

    aidan: Stealing is stealing, you can’t justify it.

    • Common Sense Says:

      so please explain to us how it is stealing, explaining is explaining, words are words, empty argument is yours.

  26. i hate when people plug their podcasts nonstop when they have no useful information at all…(e.g.

    Don’t waste you life watching/listening to that podcast. I clicked 51 and was treated with him rambling about his yard and using the words fuck and cunt over and over and talking shit about mexicans. What a whiny emo douchebag. Cut you’re fucking hair douche! And make it another color. Way to be unique by coloring your hair blue like everyone else trying to be different.
    Great videos by the way..walking around getting shots of weeds and branches and shit.
    His soon to be podcast about getting tvs for free from walmart is probably some shit like ‘ walkin and take one, then run for your life. ‘


  27. ayazmahmood Says:

    It is interesting…

  28. none Says:

    You dumb assholes. It’s not stealing if you wilfully walk in and pay for it. if you think the prices are too high, don’t go. I don’t recall any news stories about some guy dressed as Ronald McDonald holding a gun to people’s heads and forcing them to eat until they turned into fat fucks.

  29. JPatchisADoucheBag Says:

    Jpatch, you douchebag, knowingly forging a coupon is different than finding a coupon. Fine if your conscience is unaffected, but know that it is theft, at least in the US.

  30. Steve Says:

    As far as I know, at the BK I used to work at the front people weren’t even required to check that you actually did the survey- I’m not sure customers were even required to have done it to collect on this coupon. The people working in the front all thought it was stupid, but that’s what the owner told them to do.

  31. Dil Says:

    Wow… that’s interesting. But I don’t think it’ll happen in Singapore though…….

  32. Nasir Says:

    Its just not fair to do so.

  33. lols Says:

    Umm.. to the guy that said he watched episode 51… the guy up there said episode 53… rofls i didn’t watch any of it.

    IMO… if burger king is dumb enough to do somthing like that.. they deserve thier burgers to be ninja’d.

    btw… i would feel bad if i was stealing a whole combo or somthing.. but its not.

    think about it for a second, if they make so much off of the fries or drink that you have to buy it would cover the cost sandwich anyways… so i would consider it a discount because im smart, rather than stealing money from some rich fat burger king owner, hes still making money.. just a lot less. Hence.. it being a discount.

    Its much the same as buying an item on sale rather than an item not on sale… or see it as a rain check on a for sale item.


    • TL/DNR Says:

      I didnt watch it either… I just came from BK after getting a free whopper from a different promotion, and googled it..

      “they deserve thier burgers to be ninja’d.”

      Roffle my Woffles.

  34. Loren Says:

    Man thinking about those Whoppers made me starving. I don’t really eat much fast food but I’m stoned. Whaddya gunna do.

  35. ukmortgagez Says:

    That’s naughty,

    I need to go and get me some chillies!


  36. John Doe Says:

    Listen to your conscience. Now that you have shown many people your little plan for theft, we should call you “Fagan” from Chas. Dickens. If it costs 35 cents to make a whopper, then that is what you stole, times X people who follow your crooked lead.
    I sense you are as proud of this little scam as you would be if you showed these people how to earn the money to buy a stinkin’ whopper, or better yet, showed them how to create jobs so that others could buy their own food.
    What’s next, an embezzlement plan for workers? A system for putting rolfies in drinks? Sure nice to have crooks being able to broadcast their techniques across the web! Be sure and tell your Mom.

    • Common Sense Says:

      I got a free whopper from sacrificing my friends on facebook, free whopper from a coupon, free whopper from the Transformers 2 game piece, and on and on.. I am a college athlete that needs calories, and idiots like you dont realize that if the system was really being abused there wouldnt be so many free whoppers. end of story. google it and get your free whopper, this isnt the only way and its just a BK advertising stunt. Go cry about it.

  37. nix Says:

    i don’t understand why you all seem so personally offended. who cares if it’s stealing or dishonest? you’re all like some sort of rabid morality zealots or something. i can just picture the lot of you mobbing toward someone, waving your XP license key with extreme malice.

    i urge all of you to go get your free whopper, bring it back to your computer and chow down while you apply a crack to some program you stole and download pirated media in defiance of all of these people who don’t realize that we’re all at war with commercial america and that we’re getting pwned day in and day out.

  38. oioi Says:

    So where’s the link to a scan of one of them reciepts so I can print me a few? — that’d be a bit more “Fagin” 😉

    My conscience tells me that theres a world
    of difference between reducing the profits
    of a huge capitalist corporation (like BK),
    and stealing from my neighbour or some
    other individual who’d suffer personal loss.

    @martr_machine: No, americans like you
    are fat because you have no self discipline,
    and live in a greedy culture. Your lack of
    compassion will most likely contribute
    towards your downfall.

    @thechurch: Get off your moral high-ground
    you oligarchs have been lying to people
    since, like, *forever*. Not to mention the
    physical and emotional trauma inflicted on
    those with a different opinion to yourseles over the centuries. Do us all a favour and
    kill yourseles now – you’ll be in a better
    place and we won’t have to tollerate your

    @nix: Well said 🙂

    Enjoy. xx

  39. catholica Says:

    Cool deal…I have always tossed these things not having “phone time” 🙂

  40. dave Says:

    ok this is the best way to get free random food:)

    go through the drive through and ask for a cup of water.
    as long as there is someone behind you you should get whatever they orderd:)
    mcdonalds in oz makes the people pay at the first window and collect at the second, so you get what the person behind you orderd.

    mmmm free food

  41. Dil Says:

    Can’t believe there’s a feud all because of a free Whopper.

    Amaazing. (o_O)

    Enough is enough. Let’s all have a laugh at this and walk away.

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  43. cheech_sp Says:

    this is stealing! >=[
    ……………………………..and laughing at people making an ass of themselves on youtube / interweb is mean =)

  44. […] Free whoppers whenever you want.  Part one of the new series:  How to Steal Everything You Need. […]

  45. Adam Says:

    Bah, stealing is stealing, and it’s wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’re shoplifting a Whopper or a Rolex.

    Fact is, that whopper isn’t “free”, you pay for it by providing a service to the company; doing their survey. That’s something that they find valuable. You’re providing them something of value.

    By cheating your way around this, it becomes petty shoplifting, something which anyone should be ashamed of doing.

  46. […] I feel . . . and look . . . so much better when I stay the hell away from this place called Burger King. However, the fates have decreed that the BK Lounge is the closest restaurant to my office building AND home (actually there is a KFC closer but whenever I eat there I get ill so I don’t eat KFC anymore except when in Japan but KFC there isn’t KFC exactly. I digress as usual). This dude has figured out a code to get the fake charbroiled goodies. […]

    • Common Sense Says:

      Yeah, KFC with rice and hot sauce is SO MUCH BETTER..
      or at least thats how it is in Indonesia..

  47. tecmorose Says:

    This is classic. Free food via crapulent coupons. How much are we getting ripped off by corporate America? Oh yeah, thousands of dollars per person per year. There is nothing immoral in this, though, since I consider myself well fed at this point in life, giving coupons such as these to those that are homeless or in need is much more rewarding.

  48. realestate20 Says:

    I did not read through all of these comments…but there is a much easier way to get free food from ANY and ALL fast food establishments – YES, ALL fast food establishments.

    This is how some of my friends avoided starvation through college. I do not recommend stealing (unless you are really starving – then I will recommend it)

    1. The easiest way – simply go to the drive through window and say “I have a credit for Anderson (or any last name).” Drive through person might say what, you have a what? Repeat yourself. They will have you drive around to the window, you explain how they screwed up your meal(s) last time and the manager said to tell them you have a credit – you tell them what you want…could be 2 or more meals, you drive away with a bag full of food.

    2. Little more effort – but no coupon. If you drive by a McD’s, BK, Taco Bell, whatever…and you see the drive through is very busy…give them a call and tell them they just screwed up your order. They will take your name and again – feed you whatever you like at your next visit.

    No coupon – No purchase required.

    Again, I do not recommend “stealing” in any way, shape, or form…but if you cannot afford to eat – this will save your life.

    • Common Sense Says:

      Ok, I get it…
      This isn’t stealing at all..

      Method 1: Lying

      Method 2: Lying

      • common sense is a faggot Says:

        who the hell comments on just about every comment two and a half years after the fact. I hope your entire family gets cancer, and your children get molested.

      • you are worse than aiden Says:

        Wow.. cheers to common sense to getting the conversation going again. There are still tons of ways to get free whoppers. you are an idiot if you think the conversation is over. there is a reply button so people can continue the conversation. I personally think common sense is quite funny… roffle my waffles

  49. Kimberly Says:

    What amazing things you can find out on other people’s blogs!

  50. stalyn Says:

    nice 🙂

  51. redfriday Says:

    I’m Lovin it???

    Have it your way???

  52. redfriday Says:

    I Lovin it?

    Have it your way?

  53. bung Says:

    BK will still make a profit regardless. they are gaining from you getting a free burger and paying for a drink or fries, not losing. You’d be amazed to see the costs, a fountain drink is ~93% profit

  54. Fart Says:

    who farted?

  55. Fart Says:

    # WHO FARTED? #

  56. […] This is an interesting blog post about getting free Burger King whoppers whenever you want.  Although, the best part of the post has to be the comments. […]

  57. julioajm Says:


  58. bernie Says:

    i can’t believe i found this today!!! of all days!!!!

  59. […] Free Whoppers whenever you want […]

  60. Shoulung Says:

    Fat means rich, not decadent. Americans are still the most compassionate people on Earth.

    As for myself, I’d rather pay for a Big Mac than get a free Whopper. BK has crap fries too.

  61. jadedtimes Says:

    “Americans are still the most compassionate people on Earth.”


  62. watching sports while eating the whoopers
    NFL Sundays are the best now! thanks!
    huge games huge hunger satisfied! 😛

  63. tektheory Says:

    number 1: burger kings are all corporate, no franchises–2 years of toiling for the king in high school taught me this. So don’t feel bad about jacking a sandwich now and then.
    number 2: i pay well over thirty thousand dollars a year for school so getting a free sandwich now and then would be pretty freaking sweet.
    number 3: Do people really care if it’s dishonest; this is america, it’s how we do.
    number 4: As a future social scientist I can write this off as particpant observation on the “getting me a free sandwich” subculture– ~_^

  64. […] Posted: Friday, September 22, 2006 12:07 PM by Will Femia “A security expert in New York has learned how to get free money from some ATMs by entering a special code sequence on the PIN pad.”  He made the machine think it was counting fives instead of 20s.  The owner’s manual (easily acquired) shows you how.  It all boils down to whether the default passwords have been changed. Speaking of stealing stuff using instruction books (that probably won’t work now that it’s blowing up on the Internet), this guy has a trick for figuring out the comp code on a free Whopper at Burger King.  UPDATE:  After some cross cube chat, the possibility came up that this would be a great viral marketing campaign by Burger King.  People go to Burger King for the freebie and spend enough on the mark-up on fries and drink to cover the cost of the burger.  Meanwhile you’ve got people coming to Burger King who wouldn’t necessarily have done so otherwise. These remind me of the old link on how to hack a Coke machine using the maintenance manual. Speaking of reminding, The Remember Ring is a joke, but it shouldn’t be.  What’s more, it should be programmable.  Maybe a bracelet would be better for holding the required power source. How to deal with an irate person – Describes a technique called “pace and lead,” the idea being to get equally energized and then wind down hoping the other person will follow suit.  This contradicts every hostage negotiator movie I’ve ever seen. Dude wrap:  Gift wrap for men.  Makes sense. Who the heck is Daniela Cicarelli?  (Am I officially old for not knowing?)  See the “Spanish Beach Scandal” section for why her name is showing up like crazy.  Note that Brazillian and Spanish media are less restrained than American media about showing racy images.  Watch where you click. How to explain RSS the Oprah way – This might sound condescending, but have you ever tried to explain RSS to someone?  I think we’ll see a lot of this kind of piece as efforts are made to push RSS into the mainstream. ScoopVid is a really comprehensive video aggregator.  Bigger than the Viral Video Chart we saw the other day because it includes mainstream news video and iFilm. 46 Things I Wish My Mom Taught Me About Money Enter the dimensions and SizeEasy lets you visualize the relative sizes.  I can’t think of a use for this, but it seems like something that would be handy. Hugo Chavez, bookseller. The Umbrella Photo Browser to Relay Experiences in Rainy Day – It’s an umbrella that takes pictures and video and shares them with other umbrella users and then also posts them to Flickr and furthermore, displays them on the umbrella itself. E-mail from space – “Here’s my blog entry of your launch” is not exactly “one small step for man…” Building sand castles on a frame. M&Ms is launching a dark chocolate version and to celebrate they built a game site.  Name the “dark” movies based on the clues. Yesterday was Parking Day.  Participants take over parking spaces and convert them to park space to show how much better things would be if we didn’t cede so much space to cars. The new trailer for 300 looks really good – and I say that fully aware that I recently poked fun at the swords/horses/English accents genre. Japanese pen spinning – Nothing short of ninja.  Fun Japanese metal soundtrack from a band called MintJam that calls to mind my old Loudness vinyl (because hey, how many Japanese metal bands can you name?) […]

  65. Leigh Says:

    Because I didn’t want the netnannies to send the subject line: ‘Fuck The System’ to the bitbucket.


    [Disclaimer: Unless you are literally starving, don’t eat, I repeat, do *not* eat this… stuff.]

    Free Whoppers whenever you want
    September 20th, 2006

  66. Action Jackson Says:

    Have it your way. Ethically, the whopper gig is of course the call of each individual. Personally, I love the freedom of speech and hearing all the perspectives.. this is what makes America great.

    Legally, the whopper gig is fraud. You can go to jail for forging codes that imply you did a service (but did not) to get a free Whopper. Period. No debate. Jail.

    The critical thinking part of this blog that I get is really a debate that’s not about the Whopper fraud scheme — its about how fucked up we are by everything from greed to ridiculous margins to materiality of the fraud to hating corporate America to fat people and fast food.

    TIP: Be clear about your point. “free whoppers” are fraud. everything else is healthy subjective debate.

    Love you all.

  67. vangelav1183 Says:

    I think that is awesome, the burger king around here is terrible i could call abouta complaint every time i go there, the fries are old and rubbery or the order was totally wrong. Same with mcdonalds food , Fast food is just terrible anymore but with kids and working and all the things a family has to do these days to stay afloat with these high gas prices and teaxes as so on well you have to eat fast food every now and again. I like the idea, i will try it soon.

  68. court Says:

    1) I take advantage of fast food joints and any other corporations that I can any time I can. I’ve pulled the call-McDonald’s-and-tell-them-you-didn’t-get-part-of-your-order scam a few times and there’s countless other things you can do. I also have a semi-addiction to fast food, so I’m not saying that people shouldn’t do this, BUT…

    2) You realize that Burger King WANTS you to do this… they make more money on the mark-up for the fries and soda (which you have to buy) than what the burger costs them… so why it’s saving you money, it’s not hurting their bottom line–it’s actually HELPING it, b/c you think you’re getting this great deal so you keep going in for it… or more often than you otherwise any way… that’s the whole idea behind it–it’s called viral marketing. They’re planning on this word-of-mouth diffusion.

    3) And if you’re really a college student (I’m in grad school myself) or otherwise really need to make ends meet, then you’re deluding yourself if you think that spending $3 a meal is “survival” level… you need to do the math (basic arithmatic): if you catch the right sale, $3 can buy you a loaf of store-brand bread, a package of lunchmeat and a big bag of chips… you get four or five meals instead of one. Want to be subversive? Take hand-fuls of the free packets of mayonaisse (and mustard and ketchup and Splenda, etc.) whenever you’re somewhere that has ’em… cuts cost of that already 50 cent meal you have there, tiger.

  69. sl4sp Says:

    Intesting post, but definately not a freebie

  70. greenlightsabers Says:

    Whoa, omg, this is awesome. I’m taking this one. That’s amazing, multi-billion fast food chains like this don’t even bother checking. They could lose heaps of money like this.

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  75. sven Says:

    is this only in america? does it work in, like, sweden?

  76. Stone Cold Myron Poindexter Says:

    Damnit, now I want BK for dinner.

    Damn you!!!!

  77. Okro Lightcloud Says:

    hahaha BK ppl are dumb 😛

  78. Tim Says:

    @Action Jackson: Thank you for the only coherent post in this entire thread, including the original post. Regardless of your moral views, this is fraud.

    As for the endless twittering about justifying fraud because of corporate profits or being at war with corporate America… Here’s a faked BK Whopper coupon. Go buy a clue.

  79. JanPeter Says:

    ey, fuck off all you little bitches who have nothin’ better to do but bitch about how other people are “robbing burger king”… you fucking idiots don’t realize they are robbing every single person who buys their food, and every god damn day at that! yea maybe if everyone in this world was nice and made a deal for everyone and didnt become money hungry, power-loving pieces of SHIT then your little “morals” world would work. but i’m sorry it’s give and take in this world and frankly the corporate assholes aren’t giving, so its time to TAKE.

  80. Vlad Says:

    Yeah, stand by the corporate scums side till the end you suckers.. haha i’ll be grabbing my fuckin hamburgers and shit while they suck your money away you cock slobbering dumbasses!! BWAAAAAHAHAHA

  81. Scot Says:

    The Whopper is not free.I’m guessing that most Burger Kings are charging at least $2.00-$3.00 for the soda and fries you must buy to get the Whopper.It’s called a loss leader in the retail world.Just like the .99cent menus.The store or whoever losses money on the product but most people will buy more than the loss product(it gets you in their store).You will buy more than the loss product always.Well that’s pretty much what all of you needed to know.

  82. […] Yes you do. Go here and follow the instructions and you’ll be eating free Whoppers for a long time to come. […]

  83. Revan Says:

    All you people arguing… Just remember what you’re making such a big fucking deal about.

    A freakin’ sandwhich ._.

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  85. […] Free Whoppers whenever you want My Digg BlogHowever, this genius figured out an easier way to get you a free whopper whenever you want. You decide whether this is ethical or not though. [ ] cheech_sp Says: […]

  86. gilgamesh Says:

    Hello to all. I eat a lot of whopners. I visit a library to utilize there internet computer. I see this link to free whopperr.

    I found another manner to acquire free Whopper. A man next to me pull hair from his cap and lay it down on the potato fries. The man arrived at the front desk and make a complain. The man in the costume provided a free whopner.

    After he whisper to my ear “Works most of all times.”

    I am to timid to try it, have anyone try this manner of free whopper?

  87. Justin Says:

    wow, JohnDoe is a whiny bitch.

  88. Jack Says:

    Actually guys, to those who are saying ‘Yeah the whopper is 35 cents to BK but thats still 35 cents your taking’ Did you read the other part that people need to do? They need to BUY a drink or fries. That will give the 35 cents & more back to BK so they won’t lose anything and will still make a slight profit.

    BK are the ones who made the offer anyway so they obviously don’t mind people getting cheap stuff.

    Plus, I have been into BKs many times where they have given me the wrong change, or screwed up the order. In my experience, if they give you the wrong burger or w/e they always let you keep it for free. They obviously don’t care about a little loss

  89. […] King I made a little departure from my main stay and decided to do a little covert ops. Click here to get some free […]

  90. werdsht Says:

    i work ar BK man, and not that many people come with te receipt thing, but is true, when they do, we only check the letters, and by the way those are the ones. as long as it has the correct letters for the month we’ll give it to you, it’s not like it’s our money or our burgers….

  91. werdsht Says:

    and the thing with the hair wouldn’t work unless you have the same hair as the guy who makes the burgers….works with the fries cause that’s the cheapest thing there. at my BK theres a sign next to the thing where you put the fries that says “it’s ok to waste fries”. half of the bags are mostly spread on the floor and stuff….

  92. Wisdom First! Says:

    What a jackass!! When was the last time you brought a Whopper that looked exactly like “THERE ADVERTISEMENT”?? YEAH RIGHT. JACKASS!!! THAT’S FRAUD, TOO!! BUT I GUEST 2 JACKASSES DON’T MAKE A FREE WHOPPER WHAT???

  93. Jane Says:

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