Viral Marketing

September 21, 2006

Though I thank you for the comments on the digg page about my post being viral market drummed up by BK, I am not affiliated with them at all.  I don’t even know anyone who works there,so just to set the record straight.

To all those who have come here from digg, thank you and I am glad I could help the stoners to the college kids.


9 Responses to “Viral Marketing”

  1. Shirley Says:

    Please join with me in asking for an apology from Hugo Chavez to President Bush and all Americans. Please pass the word around the world.

    Thank you and God bless.

    Shirley Buxton

  2. ukmortgagez Says:

    A couple of years ago I heard viral marketing was the new way.

    While I think it’s a very good short term tactic for getting traffic it is not sustainable in terms of a business model for my liking.

    In business you need to try to find sustainable ways of making money in order to build infrastructure and bigger businesses. Maybe a viral campaign should bet kept for “special team” services like in Football.


  3. Hi!

    Well, if it´s viral marketing or not, we have spoted this article in our radars 😉 And no we didnt come from Digg.

    Now, talking about viral marketing, we do believe it can be sustainable in terms of a business model. For god sake, take Gmail for example!! The only way to get one account is by being invited! There you have your viral marketing into your business model!

    We have a blog full of examples of viral marketing, buzz marketing ambush and etc… cases that have worked in short and long term. All u need is strategic planning.

    Our blog is in portuguese but im sure it would enlighten you, ukmortgagez.

    About doing viral for getting more traffic we dont think is wrong. We have a post called ” PARIS HILTON attacked by Banksy” (recommended!) which a lot of people came to see, thinking they would watch someone spanking Paris ass. However the video still fits in our blog theme. So nobody could say we used Paris to get traffic. It´s still genuine blogging. We havent been deceitful.

    WHat people have to understand is that if you create negative buzz , negative buzz is what you will get!

    Excelent blog!

    Cheers from Brazil!

    Bambuzada Team – Guerrilla Marketing

  4. yaguza Says:

    wt really is viral marketing….

    thank you

  5. redfriday Says:

    Viral Marketing?

    Check RedFriday Blog

    That’s Viral in the making


  6. mark day Says:

    So you’re not telling a whopper about some Whoppers then?

    Got it…

    Don’t forget the crackheads.

    They like Whoppers just as much as the stoners do.

    And has there ever been a viral marketing campaign quite like crack?

    At this point I should plug my blog and move on….

  7. officedoodles Says:

    Yeah Whoppers are what stoners eat on a good day right? Crackheads never want luv?


  8. akugel Says:

    i love taking advantage of mobile marketing while still in its infancy— best hustle ever!

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