The code to get Gametap free for a month.

September 22, 2006

So many of you know what Gametap is but you might not have tried it. Well you should be ashamed. It is a great way to get intouch with your innner child and whatnot. So in an effort to foster some playtime with my fellows friends (you), here is the way you get a free month, code should still work.

Go to and download the software. Do everything they tell you to and in the place where you can enter a coupon code put these four letters: ntca

This should get you a free month instead of the 2 weeks they are offering right now.



8 Responses to “The code to get Gametap free for a month.”

  1. 5h4rk Says:

    Can u tell me how to do the “read the rest of the article” plz?

  2. jonathan Says:


  3. jonathan Says:

    i dont know

  4. jonathan Says:

    why three

  5. sake247 Says:

    it is not workin

  6. sake456 Says:

    its not workin

  7. Suzuki Says:

    where do you type it at?

  8. larry Says:

    free down load ps3onlinecd

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