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The worst company commercial ever!

October 4, 2006

Finally a company with heart. And an amazing video.

Go to and watch all of the videos they have. Especially the link that says “View Email Sample”.


The code to get Gametap free for a month.

September 22, 2006

So many of you know what Gametap is but you might not have tried it. Well you should be ashamed. It is a great way to get intouch with your innner child and whatnot. So in an effort to foster some playtime with my fellows friends (you), here is the way you get a free month, code should still work.

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Viral Marketing

September 21, 2006

Though I thank you for the comments on the digg page about my post being viral market drummed up by BK, I am not affiliated with them at all.  I don’t even know anyone who works there,so just to set the record straight.

To all those who have come here from digg, thank you and I am glad I could help the stoners to the college kids.